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Chaga, "King Of The Mushrooms"


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So I stumbled onto something new for me, a mushroom called "Chaga", it is supposed to have all kinds of medicinal properties and health benefits. The best part is it should be readily found in the woods and forests I frequent, I probably walk by it all the time. With a bit of investigation I have found plenty of online videos and instruction of how to find, harvest and prepare it. Below is a quick video that gives the basics.

Just wondering if anyone here has messed around with any Chaga foraging and the making of tea and if so does it seem to have any real benefits?



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I have had Chaga tea a few times. We have a small house on 6 acres in Alaska and lots of Birch trees on our property. We got interested in it after trying locally produced Birch syrup. Was not crazy about the Birch syrup. I'll stick to Maple!

Chaga tea was actually pretty good. But, I don't know if I got health benefits or not. 

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