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Charles Daly 3 barrel shotgun

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Based on the specs of 8.6 lbs., 3.5" chamber, and camo finish, I think that it was designed for waterfowl hunting. It looks like they are trying to appeal to waterfowl hunters who like a break open shotgun but want the 3 shots available without reloading. I personally don't think it is going to catch on and will be discontinued in the future.


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Europeans have been using multiple barreled firearms like the Charles Daly for many years, Drillings are another type used a lot, two shotgun barrels with a rifle barrel on the bottom. I think their restrictive gun laws have much to do with it, owning multiple firearms is not easy and the multiple barreled firearms help solve that problem.

The three barreled jobs are way too heavy and clunky for me, I will say I do like two barreled combination guns, I think they can be pretty useful for certain types of hunting.

I have a nice old side button Savage 24, 22/410 that I like a lot and carry it quite a bit.


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The only advantage claimed is the ability to have 3 different chokes in the same gun.  Maybe that will appeal to some hunters who's shot ranges vary a lot when hunting, but I'd rather have a single barreled gun with an adjustable choke on it, like I used years ago on my Mossberg pump.

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