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Couple of new gadgets

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Now that hunting seasons are winding down I have been emptying my hunting clothes pockets. Tried a couple of new gadgets I got in my Christmas stocking and have to say they work well. One is a "Go Warmer" electronic rechargeable hand warmer, you charge it with a USB and it lasts for several hours, has three warmth settings and it will keep your hands warm, used while doing chores in that bitter spell a couple of weeks ago and I love it.

The other item is a very small gooseneck stream light, this thing can be clipped to your clothes and hats or just put in your pocket and has all kinds of adjustment, two brightness settings and also a redlight setting. This little guy gives off an amazing amount of light and worked great for me coming out of the woods after dark. It too is USB rechargeable and being of the Stream Light brand very good quality.



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11 hours ago, surmn8er said:

I would agree that they work quite well.

I was actually surprised it worked so well, as for longevity and reliability over the long haul we will have to see, last Fall I picked up a bulk box of the old reliable "Hot Hands" warmers so I am pretty much set for now either way.


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57 minutes ago, Pygmy said:

Remember the old Jon-E handwarmers  ?  They even had  an opening in the metal cap so you could light your cigarrette...

I sure do, I have one in a drawer here in the gun room, this one actually got too hot for me. Have not fired it up in many years.




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49 minutes ago, fasteddie said:

I have one of the Jon-e hand warmers in a cabinet in the garage . Those things would get real hot ands you could get a skin burn if not careful . The problem with them is they smelled like lighter fluid . 

I got a significant burn on my leg from carrying one in my front pants pocket... glad it didn't shift a couple of inches to the left......

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