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Winchester StaBALL Powders


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Winchester has a couple of relatively new 6.5 ball powders named StaBall and StaBall HD. Winchester claims these powders deliver higher velocity, temperature insensitivity, reduced copper fouling in your barrels along with precise metering out of your powder measure.

The regular StaBall works great in medium cases like 250 Savage, 243, 7mm08, 270, and 6.5 Creedmoor along with many others.

The StaBALL HD excels in larger cases such as 6.5 PRC, 7mm Mag along with many others.

There is not a whole lot of load data available as of yet because the powder is so new but from what I am reading folks are getting the performance Winchester is claiming. I picked up Hodgdon's 2023 annual manual that has a good bunch of loads for this powder to get me started.

I liked what I was hearing and reading and the powder is available so I picked up a pound of each to give it a try, the chronograph does not lie. I will be using it in the 6.5  Creedmoor and PRC and believe it will work really well for my 250 Savage. Will give me something to do over the winter.;)


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