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Success On Trail Camera Deer


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We had 1 target deer on our Trail Cameras and my father was lucky in getting it.  He is 75 years old, has an office full of mounts (elk, mule deer, caribou, aftrican animals, and has NEVER shot a decent whitetail, i think not even anything over a 6 point even).  I couldn't be happier that he is the one who got it!!  A true trophy....and coulndn't have happened to a better person.


He gross scored 132. 


And, not to make this a negative post, but for those of you who got in a pissing contest in an earlier "trail camera pic forum" post with me when i showed pictures and said he was 130-140 deer, you can stick it now!! lol.  Feel free to go back in and apoligize...lmao.



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Awesome buck, really cool looking rack.  is he a 9pt or 10?


9 point.  he is 4 on the right and 5 on the left.  he broke is left G4 off half way down ( you can see that in the picture).  Would have scored even higher had ne not done that.


19 1/4 wide.  G2 and G3 on his right (taller side) just over 9" each.

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Any estimate to age?  Looks like possibly an older buck IMHO.


Actually he was a younger deer.  He was only about 175 on the hoof.  Teeth were still in good shape.  The rack lacked the mass at the pedicles of a really mature deer.  i would peg him only 3.5 IMHO.

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Beauty of a buck!! Congrats to your Dad! Bet he was thrilled!


The funny part of it is, he thought he shot a 6 point that he passed up the day before.  It came through some thick brush, he saw it had a rack, waited for a clearing, and pulled the trigger.  I then dissapeared into some ultra thick, nasty briers / scrub brush.  We gave it about 2 hours just to make sure, went down to get it, and he was like a deer in the head lights....lol.  Ummm.....I don' think that is a 6 dad!  lol.


Priceless.   And yes, he is thrilled.  Getting it mounted.

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