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What Do You Think Your Effective Range Is?


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70 is fine but I don't think I could point a bow from a treestand and draw straight back on a buck.  depending on the draw of the cams 80 could be rough.  even if you can draw it does mean you're conditioned to.  shoulders would be shot after a year if you weren't.  70lbs, heavy arrow, and the right head will get you penetration pretty far out there.

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I would love to get 80lb+ limbs on my elite hunter. Then again I am 26 and the 70lbs is pretty easy, would love to get a heavier bow for no other reason than I can handle it

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I'm not really sure the point given what most of us are hunting here. I'm strong enough to do 8-9 (more when I wasn't fatter, ugh) very good form pull ups but I'm still drawing only 52 just because why put my body through stress it doesn't need. Already have a permanent joint injury from another hobby and excited not to repeat my foibles :)

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