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7 hours ago, mlammerhirt said:

Did it come with any sented candles?? Asking for a friend named theRealTc.

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Did not.i was quite disappointed i didnt have a chance to get a scented candle selfie with my non existant man bun :negative::rofl:

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6 hours ago, The_Real_TCIII said:

Did not like. Not beer at all

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Thanks for tipping me off, I was going to try some.  I didn’t really care for their Octoberfest this year either.  I still have about half a twelve pack and won’t be buying another.  It  looks like I will be sticking to cream ale, light, and red-eyes until the spring bock comes out in February.

I don’t buy any brand of beer besides Genny.  I am willing to drink certain others for free though, and will soon be “suffering” through 9 days of Modello and DosEquis up at my in laws.

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