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SD readers for phones and best....

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SD for trail cams...I have San Disk and Kodak...with the both going bad but the SD was older and a 4 not 10...Kodak was a few months old...I see card reader adapters for my phone are pretty reasonable....Also has Amazon address the San disk counterfeit SD card issue yet or am I seeing old news?

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I have never had a SD card go bad . I didn't know they could . I prefer the 4GB card for the trail cams and have a lot of them . The Brands I have been using are SanDisk , Kingston and LEXAR .

I looked on EBAY for some cheap cards and bought a pack of 10 4GB  Cards for $20 with free shipping . Each card has a plastic case . The brand is ADATA . They are SDHC  class4 cards . So far , no problem . After I bought these my daughter gave me 4 SanDisk cards for Christmas . 


I also bought a card reader for the phone on EBAY . It has the plug for my Samsung phone , 3 usb ports and couple of SD ports and 2 mini card ports . It was pretty inexpensive but works fine . The thing I don't like about the phone card reader is .... I can open each picture but have to close to see the next one instead of swiping the phone screen and being able to go to the next picture . Pretty much of a pain .

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Does the phone reader allow a mass transfer and then you can swipe through the pics?

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I don't know . No instructions for the reader and I don't want to load up my phone with the pictures . I don't remember how much memory the phone card has . I guess I should try it out sometime with a SD card from one of my CANON cameras . 

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I just use my phone, I get micro SDs and they come with the adapter to fit a full size SD slot. My phone takes a micro SD so I just pull my card out of my phone and plop in the micro from the cam. Then if I have a pic I want to keep on my phone I just email it to myself. I can delete the pics, zoom everything from my phone.

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