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Outdoor Show


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My grandson and I went up to the adk. Outdoor show in Johnstown today. First time going to this one and was quite impressed. Not real big but some good deals on a variety of outdoor stuff. Even ran into a couple guy's I know. Started a subscription for NY outdoor News, picked up a few smallmouth jigs, a quaker boy double dog predator call and a few other odds and ends. And my grandson picked out a few things as well. It was a great way to spend a cold afternoon with him! We look forward to going back again next year!

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Just wondering if anyone else from this forum went to this show?


No, not my neck of the woods.


BUT..........................I TRIED to go to the local gun show here in WNY today.  I picked up my buddy late this morning around 11am and we headed to the show.  Unfortunately we got there and nobody was there.........yup, I screwed up.  I thought the show was at the Hamburg Fair Grounds..............nope, it was at the Event Center on Main St in Clarence.  Damnnnnnnn!!



So, instead we stopped at Mighty Taco for a quick lunch.  I dropped my buddy off at his place then I stopped at Cabela's for spin around the joint, man were they crowded!  Must be all the good mothers, wives and girlfriends showering their man with gifts???  (let's go with that thought, OK?)

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