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Area's to hunt near East Aurora


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13 minutes ago, dudest said:

I see darien lake sp is close. I'm not sure I can pull a bow anymore though.

Go south.........these guys here will give you good intel. 

I have a small (really small) spot I hunt in East Aurora and have had some good hunts.  Maybe you can get some permission locally, if so, JUMP on it. :)

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On 7/22/2017 at 8:57 AM, dudest said:

I see darien lake sp is close. I'm not sure I can pull a bow anymore though.

Get yourself a crossbow and head to Darien lake state park on or after Nov 6, just in time for the best deer hunting of the year, at peak rut time.  You ain’t missing much now in the “October lull”.   That gives you a few weeks to get one and get it sighted in.  

A decent crossbow package can be had for about $ 250.  I don’t think that park gets too crowded until after gun season opens up.  Crossbows work well from ground blinds but some models are front heavy and work a lot better with a rest or shooting sticks.

I have one like that (Center point sniper 370).  My Barnett Recruit, by contrast, handles as easily as my Ruger 10/22, but has a shorter effective range (about 40 yards compared to about 50 for the sniper).  Each of these was under $ 250.

I did kill my first of 5 bucks with the Recruit at 59 yards, but the bolt only penetrated 8” into that 6 pointer.  Fortunately that made it all the way thru his heart.   I’d have been in trouble with any other shot placement.

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