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2017 HuntingNY Crossbow Harvest Thread


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Post up pics of your 2017 crossbow season deer here!

Only pictures with the associated story will be allowed in this thread. If you want to congratulate someone, please do it by clicking on the "like this" button for the post. There will be no exceptions.

Feel free to start a new thread if you wish to have comments in addition to posting the photo / story here.

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I didn't see anything most of the morning but was in a new stand and planed to sit all day. At 11:15am a buck cam down one of the main trails and appeared to be in no hurry. I grunted him to a stop but he ended up stopping behind some trees. He took a few more steps and I stopped him again in an opening for a 30 yard shot. He only went about 40 yards and piled up hard. He had a pretty heavy body and getting him out from 2 miles deep, using a game cart was difficult.  Another mid day encounter with a mature buck.


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Priest said a record fast mass at 4 pm today. Wife was a champ and let me go for a quick sit. Got home, changed into hunting gear and literally ran out to the blind. Sounded like I was running on potato chips to get out there. Not five minutes later, this guy walks up the trail my blind looks out on. I am amazed the racket I made getting in didn't push him off. Stopped him, put a bolt through both lungs and piled up 20 yds later.


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This afternoon I jumped into the stand around 130 or 2. The wind was perfect for the stand I was in, which is about 100 yards outside of a big bedding area in a swampy area bordering a large creek. I didn’t see anything until around 5 when a 1.5 year old 6 point came through about 35 yards behind me. He walked over to a scrape and freshened it up, then walked 10 yards to my right. I was texting a few people and heard some splashing and brush breaking back in the swamp. I turned and looked for a few minutes but did not see anything. After a few minutes I sat back down, texted my daughter about the 6 that went through. As I was putting my phone in my pocket, I heard a splash from the small stream behind me. I looked but did not see anything. As I was turning my head, I heard some sticks break behind me on my left. I slowly turned my head to see a wide rack and big body about 25 yards away. Without thinking, I turned a bit and reached up for my crossbow, which was hanging on a hook. Just then I thought “ahh crap, that was too much movement” and slowly looked back to the buck, which was staring right at me. We had a stare down and then the farmer up by the road, made a large bang sound and the buck turned his head to look. Seeing my chance, I took my crossbow down and got it shouldered. The buck turned his head back and started walking forward. He took 5 or 6 steps and was in a shooting lane at 20 yards. I put my 20 yard circle on him and pulled the trigger. I saw the lighted nock hit him right behind the shoulder about 2/3rds down his body. He bolted and ran about 60 yards, crashed into a tree and went down. I started shaking hard and called my girlfriend and a buddy that was hunting at the farm. After about 20 mins of shaking, texts, etc I got down to retrieve my buck. He is a 4.5 year old 8 point that I call Yardstick. He was a fighter and is missing his right G2 and left G3 from fighting. 






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After last night's activity I knew today would be the day. Big boys were on their feet after the does all am. Got this stud @750 am. 15 yard shot, bullseye. Went 50 and dropped in sight. First notch of many on the XBOW. 18.5" inside. He came in solo, head down cruising. Great morning !!!12b02f886e078d5b5b3273ce6680dd15.jpg33bc64767e9a7767c76b7c12a5e34e17.jpg7b18be290ccfde7ee8f9c190d1653258.jpg

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Not a deer but a take with the crossbow!

Was walking in at 1:30 and he was trotting down a trail and I was at  a 90 angle in the brush and he was coming right at me.  Shot him from the ground at 30 yards and dropped him. Which I glad of cause after I shoot I think what if he is wounded and coming at me now. Lol. But I left him and brought him out after deer hunting. Had a doe at 4 yards but looking for that buck. Had an 8 point chasing a 4 pointer and he busted me when I went to shoot. Saw 3 bucks and 4 does today .   Great day in the woods.


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This 2-1/2 year old, busted up 5-point with a 15-1/2" inside spread and 43" chest girth offered me a 30 yard shot at 4:45 this afternoon in zone 9F, over at my folks place.   The Barnett Recruit got it done again this year.  I heard him crash, about 40 yards away.  I waited about 15 minutes, and then decided to go after him in the fading light.  I saw the white hair on his belly and tail, before I even looked for a blood trail.  I had just enough sunlight left to get the guts out of him.  The butt-out worked well.   The bolt passed thru a little farther back than I intended, mid level, and just ahead of the diaphram.  I will have to see if I can find it tomorrow.  I used my last 125 gr, 3-blade mechanical, o-ring style broadhead on him.  I will have to pick up some more of those before next season, but will probably go after does on Sat and Sunday with a few fixed,125 gr, 3-blade Muzzys that I have left.  They fly pretty true from my crossbow out to 40 yards.      


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Think I'll name this my "Blind Squirrel Buck". Nothing involved as far as skill, strictly blind luck or the planets were aligned. One of those hunts where I was in the right place at the right time!

Been a pathetic season to date as far as sightings. Losing enthusiasm. Undecided as whether to hunt Thursday morning. Jumped in shower, rushed to property, walked into woods ~6:35AM with a lot of light. Wanted to go to furthest stand where I'd been getting more buck photos, but it was so late just sat in closest stand. About 7:20AM as I'm fumbling with my pack getting out grunt tube, bleat can, rattling bag and camo make-up kit - I see a deer at ~60-70yrds in the thicket coming directly towards me. It has a rack ... it's a decent buck ... crap. Even more fumbling to get ready to shoot. The rest is history, 25yrd shot.

Have to send out a thank you to a forum member for helping me retrieve this deer, Cabinfever!



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My 6.. Taken last week.  My hunting buddy and I did a quick scout and figured where to sit, where the deer were likely to come. We had a BIG boy on camera where I was sitting and hoped he came out. Instead, this 6 found itself at the end of my bolt.  I watched the lighted knock fly through the air and saw it in the deer.  Like a tracer when I replay it in my head. Amazing.  I hit slightly high, which turned out to be a good thing. He dropped where I hit him.  33 yard shot, quartering away and very slightly on the edge of a dirt mound.  My hunting buddy got a shot at the big boy 2 days later and missed! 30 yard shot from his climber and he shot over the top. He had buck fever.

I was happy to hit this guy and go duck hunting the rest of the week. My freezer is only half full though. Other half has to get going!


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Went out early this morning to close out early season and looking to fill my doe tag. Had a group of does a ways out before sunrise that walked off. Lone young doe came in around 7. Out of range but managed to hold her in the area with some contact grunts. She finally came in to range around 8. I hit a little further back than intended. Clipped lungs and liver. She mule kicked, jogged off 20 yards, bedded down and expired.

Right after I shot her another doe group game in from the other direction. Wild to watch their behavior around a dying deer. Not spooked almost somber.

Very grateful to fill my first doe tag. With a buck and doe in freezer, I get to take the first few days of regular season off now and be very selective for anything I target thereafter. Sorry for the less than stellar picture. I had to gut and drag quick to get to work on time.


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