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Rocky point parking Permit


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Good afternoon fellow bow hunters.

I have a few question about hunting in rocky point long island.

1- Do we put the parking permit on the front windshield ?

2- Can I park on any spot or do they give me a assigned spot ?

3-  Do I have to report to check station before and after every hunt ?

First time bow hunting at rocky point does anyone have some pointers.


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Hey man I was just there today! Ok fill out the form online hit send and print a copy out or 5 in case you loose one or 4 and when you park in the designated spots. You don't have to report to the check station before or after the hunt until November 1st. Now as far as the pointers I would def get a bottle of permethrin and apply it to whatever your going to be hunting in if you haven't already.  The place really doesn't heat up until later in the season. It has some monster deer in it however it's very popular so if you want a spot you have tog o early. It's a very large place to hunt and it's easy to get ,lost in there. There are so many bedding areas that it can hold a ton of deer without you ever getting close to them.  I plan on holding off hunting there until the weather cools off nothing was moving and there were a ton of bikers and runners there. Oh yeaaaa one very important tip is if you get lost and wind up popping out down the road from your car be very very careful walking back on the side of the road. The people drive luck nut jobs and I had a lady swerve to hit me today no joke.  I don't think she would have been so tough outside of her protective vehichle however keep in mind this is liberal Long Island and a ton of people hate hunters. That being said have fun be safe and I advise you to do some scouting it's a cool place changes a lot from one side to the next.

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