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Well after anxiously waiting all summer for the bucks in my close to home spot to show back up, they finally did, the past week I've had 7 different bucks show up, much later this year than usual. And naturally I drove an hour this morning and a nice buck was under my stand this morning 5 mins from home... 3e872aa5bcd8dd9c073355433e592fd7.jpg3c40b8ff3b057d852cde3e944b587388.jpgMFDC1139.JPGMFDC0828.JPGMFDC0827.JPGMFDC0826.JPG


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Big Brows are rare, but sweet! Good luck.

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"The sportsman lives his life vicariously. For he secretly yearns to have lived before, in a simpler time. A time when his love for the land, water, fish and wildlife would be more than just part of his life. It would be his state of mind."

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