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    • By scolopaxmatt
      Just wanted to say thanks to all who helped make Carters Pond the waterfowl wasteland it always is after opening weekend.  Not so much as a feather to be found amid the rafts of shells and wads.  We do ourselves proud by busting the roost and laying waste to every wood duck we see. 
    • By brendanw66
      Hello all,
      My buddy and I are midshipmen at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, Long Island.  We're both avid duck hunters back home (Louisiana, Florida), but we would like to do some hunting this season up here in Long Island while we're at school. 
      We're looking for any information on good places to hunt on the island, we don't mind driving, or anyone that's willing to allow us to tag along for a hunt.  We have our licenses, guns, camo, and a few dozen decoys up here with us. 
      Heard Suffolk County runs some public land with duck blinds, anyone have experience with that?  Thanks for any information. 
    • By John_K
      Im selling my Browning Maxus. I bought it 3 years ago and only had it out the first season I owned it. It has only been in the field 3 times as reflected by the attached pictures. It was cleaned after every use, and is in terrific condition. It is 12 Gauge, 28" Barrel Waterfowl edition. I have the original box, all chokes and choke tool, and pieces for stock adjustment. It is easily as good as any new gun you would buy. Asking $1100. I am located in the Albany area. Email offers to john.w.keis@gmail.com  Thanks for the interest.

    • By Hookhunter20
      Any Snow Goose hunters on here? Looking to get into it. 
    • By Hookhunter20
      As some of you may remember I posted on here to get your opinion on adopting a rescue dog for waterfowl hunting. As expected I got mixed advice on the matter but decided to go for it anyway. She passed her gun shyness test, got her land retrieving down after that water and boat retrieving took less than a day each. Fast forward four months from the day I adopted her  and add in many hours spent training and the verdict is finally in. My girl is officially a hunter. This afternoon was the real world test and I'd say she passed with flying colors. She was a little jumpy and whiny between flights but nothing I didn't expect, it was after all her first hunt. About 30 minutes into the hunt we had a flock of 6 geese come in and give me a passing shot at about 40 yards, missed twice, had an IC in for decoying birds. Surprisingly they doubled back and came in to land and I folded one and sent the dog. I was a little worried how she'd handle a 15 lb flapping goose as her first bird but after getting wing slapped once she grabbed it and brought it back flawlessly. Couldn't be happier with her and goes to show a little commitment and work goes a long way and you don't always have to spend 1500 bucks on a pup for a hunting dog.

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