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Far far from a lumber jack, I had a couple more trees to fell and buck today.  One isn't seen in the picture but it is a nice ash tree that will be pulled out with the tractor when things dry out as it's down the hill a bit. 

The "double trunk" tree dead center behind the wood pile from two weeks ago is the one I could drop right in the pasture for fairly easy handling.  There is a very narrow opening for me to drop it and although I've been cutting wood for many years, I rarely had to drop bigger trees and when I did, accuracy wasn't that important.  Today I had to be spot on and I was nervous I'd bungle worked darn near perfect so I was pretty happy about it.  I wanted it drop either right on that woodpile or just feet to the east....right where it is. :)

I had lots of fun this winter working with the new saw and only have a few smaller trees to still get down and they'll be easy enough.  All the wood is given to a couple friends in the area. 




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took a huge poplar down in my yard a couple years ago. that was a nervous situation. garage, shed, house, and a driveway full of cars on all sides but the one heading toward the back yard. still another one at the other end of the house but i'm not pushing my luck if i can help it.

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Upper Hudson River Valley QDMA


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