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Got em! Doubled Up


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Wednesday night we heard a few toms going ballistic by one of the corn fields where we were hunting. We slipped into the spot at about 4:45am and set up some decoys and got settled in for first light. At around 5:20 we hit the caller and all hell broke loose with about 4 different birds firing off. We saw them fly down about 15 minutes later and knew they were fired up and gonna charge in. After some back and forth, two birds committed and we were able to capitalize.


First bird with my new Franchi and a beauty at that! 45d4a3311ee2fc73ccb89e149a9e2b85.jpg5001808cb91b6b8ae87ab9b347771958.jpg5f93710ce98cdd06ecfbc506eb2ca24c.jpg



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We pounded a lot of woods these passed two days.  Blew a lot of good opportunities as well.  Learned just how smart and weary turkeys can be and often flank you and catch you with your pants around your ankles.   

Those 3 1/2" Winchester longboards did some work!

Spurs were about 1".  Worn down pretty good.   Awesome few days in the woods!

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