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Posting for a friend. We both switched to traditional archery last year but he feels he's tempted to take his compound out more often than he'd like so he thinks it's time to sell that temptation. It's a 60-70lb bow with a 26" draw length module. It comes with an Apex gear 3 pin sight, the trophy ridge drop away rest and trophy ridge quiver. He also had new string and cables installed in the fall of 2016. He's located near Olean in Cattaraugus county and would prefer to sell face to face rather than shipping. Asking price is $300. 6f14e9b3fcf4781be79e75d28499b4c7.jpg


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9 minutes ago, dbHunterNY said:

oh man i can't watch. props to him for ditching the compound all together to pursue trad bow only.

Yep, bold move.  I love hunting with the trad bow but I like the security blanket of compound if my shooting goes to crap during the season like it did last year.  But every year I get closer and closer to selling.  That said, my compound like all have dropped so much in value, I never see the point in selling it.  Good luck to him.

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