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Vintage Hunting Photos (Good Old Days)


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On 7/15/2018 at 8:49 PM, airedale said:

I like old advertising and the work of the old outdoor artists especially Philip Goodwin.

s-l1600 (19).jpg

s-l1600 (18).jpg




My Dad had a Woolrich outfit like that.

He used to head out of our kitchen door in Western PA in the late 1950s before sunrise with his 30/40 Krag and come home after sunset.


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I have two Woolrich coat and pants outfits as pictured above, one pair of pants has straight legs worn on the outside of my boots and the other is the knicker type worn on the inside. I have bought and tried just about every type of outdoor apparel but I have found nothing that beats the old Woolrich wool. Like your Dad wildcat I spent many a day from daylight to dark hunting Hare behind Beagles up on the Tug all winter, so when I hit the timber and the weather is cold and nasty I will be wearing one of those Woolrich outfits.


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Jack O'Connor was born in Arizona in 1902, a land that he described as "the last frontier." He taught English at the University of Arizona, and became its first journalism professor. His first love was the outdoors and writing about hunting, firearms, and the natural history of big game animals. As the longtime firearms editor for OUTDOOR LIFE magazine, O'Connor hunted and collected trophies throughout the world, and introduced millions of readers to hunting and firearms. O'Connor moved to Lewiston, Idaho in 1948 and he lived there until his death in 1978.

From a time before the internet when books and Outdoor magazines were the way to educate yourself about hunting and shooting. Personally probably the biggest influence on my outlook on hunting firearms and shooting, I have collected most of his writings and while published many years ago the information is still solid and relevant today. His books can still be found on Amazon and ebay and well worth owning and reading.







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