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Local Butchers/Deer Processors

RPI Bush Hunter

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Hey all,

I’m wondering if anybody uses any local butchers to process their meat for them? If so, I was wondering if I could get a gauge on prices and/or overall experience? In years past I have just driven my deer up to my home in Northern Washington County but with my schedule this semester of school it looks like doing so will be tough. Thanks in advance and good luck in the woods! 

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1 hour ago, biggamefish said:

There is a place in Clifton park down by the Mohawk river. I can grab the name if you can't find it in a gogle search. 

Looking like Fred the Butcher if my searching is correct? I’ll give them a call when they open up. I appreciate it! 

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4 minutes ago, SilentStalker said:

I also used a guy in Duanseburg last year based on a referral from this site - he was solid, but that seems way out of your way. If you want that info let me know. 

I’ll absolutely take his info if you have it. Can never have too many options! 

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