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2018 Rut Report

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Been on here in Allegany County since Halloween. Never heard so much grunting or seen so much chasing. A couple days ago I was treated to a chase past my stand with five bucks after a doe with her tongue hanging out. Two baskets were in close pursuit and she couldn’t shake them. Three spikes were bringing up the rear, grunting with tongues out too, but they lost her track and circled downwind under my stand like bird dogs casting back and forth. I’ve only seen that a couple times. Pretty cool.

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4-H Albany hilltowns. Did not hunt yesterday (Tuesday) but did from Nov. 10th through 12th. Usually by now, chasing would be winding down, with breeding in full swing, or very close! Not this year.....yet.  I have seen only one mature buck actually with a doe. Seen many other bucks just cruising. That is on two different properties. Monday morning, a mature buck out at 100 yards just cruising. Little while later a young buck, just cruising, to within 10 feet! Monday evening, watched a group of doe, still with fawns! One fawn still nursing!  No buck even came to check them out. A two year old buck, was feeding a couple hundred yards from the doe's, showed no interest at all! 

Trail cams are showing more daytime movement now. 

My guess, and it's just a guess, from what I'm seeing, is that breeding seems just a bit delayed, right here, in this area, this year. That means that this weekend should be very active, as far as deer or (buck) movement goes. But with the opening of firearms, and the influx of human scent in the woods, most of that activity will likely move to the thickets or just outside of them. This late flurry of chasing will be very short, and intense, then actual breeding will come shortly afterwards. 

In short.....a very good gun opener, and in to early next week. With nice weather, and a bit of new snow on the ground.

Will see how it all plays out. Hopefully I'll learn something.

Just my own opinion, based on my years hunting in this area. 

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