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What are your Land projects for 2019

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hinge cut and return re-establish a sanctuary/bedding area that has matured and thinned out over time.

hit all the TSI and logged areas to remove invasive honeysuckle, buckthorn, etc before it's harder to get into with equipment.

put in a mid to late season food plot in a secluded spot that's already being bush hogged every year.

put in an early (september - october draw) food plot that's buried into cover and adjacent to a three landowner boundary with a sanctuary on the neighbors and harvested ag/corn field on the other neighbors. 



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I will be happy just to get up on my  property  and brush hog. So wet last year couldn't do  a thing . Ran chainsaw quite a bit clearing trees that went down in storms but didn't make any food plots and didn't plant a thing. Still had the best deer season in a couple years.

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