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Need Help Naming Dog


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Hi Folks,

My son for the last year has been begging me for a long-hair German Shepard.  I gave in.  Put a deposit down in October and picked up the pup last Thursday.  His Christmas present (and a damn pricey one, too).  

He can't come up with a name.  We've suggested lots of options.  I'm turning to you guys, hoping maybe you have some ideas.  

Background - We had a Golden named Max, so that's out.  We currently have a Golden named Wiley (pictured).  The little GSD is a fireball, full of energy, bounces around the house non-stop (until he lays down and goes right to sleep).  Has an adorable little "yelp" and "growl".  He's gonna be huge - 15 lbs at 7 1/2 weeks.  His daddy is a monster, seemingly twice the size of our Golden.  Vet was quite impressed with the little guy.  

So... any ideas?  




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Crappy‘s a nice name!


Seriously though, does he have any interests or hobbies? My 14 year old Brittany is named Trico from a fly I used fly fishing in Montana that I used to hook(but not land!) a monster trout on a tough lie through crazy water.



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