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Capt Kirk Mocks Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

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23 hours ago, ADK Native said:


Cortez received 110,318 votes!  Did these people realize they were voting for an elected leader or someone on a television talent show program?

110,318 people voted for a wild eyed marxist lunatic who would barely be qualified to work as a server leading the happy birthday chant for your child at Applebees. How far this republic has fallen...

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I watched Congresswoman Cortez on 60 minutes tonight.  I was surprised by some of the "exposing" questions she was asked by Anderson Cooper.  Two of her responses further validated my view she is unfit for office:

1. When asked if she thought President Trump was a racists, she said YES.  

2. She wants no more fossil fuels in 12 years.  Do wen then junk all our gas powered vehicles?  Do we junk all those classic cars?  Do we shut down the entire oil industry?  Do we shut down all the gas stations?   So reimburses us for our loss?

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