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LIVE From The Woods 2019 - Lets hear stories and see some pictures!


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11 minutes ago, crappyice said:

I’m up and heading out soon in 4Y...missing those early bow season temps already

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Not  me  I love the cold for hunting no ticks !! 

Feels cold bring more clothes with you that's all .  Sometimes  feet and hands can be problem  staying warm but other then that love it .

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13 minutes ago, Robhuntandfish said:

Pre game breakfast.  Good luck everyone.  Me and @FISHDO are headed out.

Thanks Jay for the maple blueberry sausage !  Perfect for opening day breakfast. 


Looks delicious, but I cant Eat like that before I go out. I’d be having to take a dump by 9am lol. 

good luck guys!

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What a crazy sit, in pa we have a resident grouse who follows us everywhere, he decided to sit in my treestand with me all day and peck at me. 8 am nice buck comes through not sure if I want to shoot him or not, (7pt no brows about 100”) I grunt him into 12 yards and the damn grouse flys up on my head and shoulder and starts flapping around. Buck spooks off and I laugh my ass off and the fighting this grouse for 2 more hours. He does not leave and jumps on my head as im Climbing down the treestand, then followed me to my buddies stand who happened to shoot a doe while pissing out of his elevated blind. Literally balls out shot a doe with a crossbow. What a day.

Grouse nugget appetizer before dinner

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