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I couldn't even watch the video. Just pisses me off that A.) Some "people" do think this is acceptable behavior, and B.) The humane society feels the need to smear all who partake in our great sport by releasing the video. I mean, they didn't just get this from a leak, they actually took the time to file a FOIA request.

I have some sympathy for someone who poaches a deer here and there because he cannot afford food from the grocery store (out where I grew up it was quite common) and needs to feed his family, but these @$$holes are just killing for sport. Complete disrespect for the lives of the creatures God created for us.



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    • By CapDistPatriot
      5 yds with a .357 mag 679 pounder. This guy has a pair for sure!
      They may have smaller deer down in PA, but they sure do have some massive friggin bears!
    • By Padre86
      I'm looking at the big game hunting opportunities in Ontario, CA.  According to the province's regulations, non-residents (with some exceptions) have to hunt bear and moose with a licensed guide.  So, unguided, DIY hunts (at least for bear and moose) aren't feasible up there.
      I've looked through a few different guiding websites to get a baseline for the prices that are charged: $3.5k-$6k per person for Moose hunts (depending on the level of guide services); and $2.5k-$3.5k for black bear hunts (again depending on the level of guide services).
      My question: are there any guides/outfitters which offer minimal services, and cheap fees, for hunting these animals?  For example, is there an outfitter which takes on a non-resident hunter as registered guest but allows him/her to hunt DIY for a cheaper rate than what is mentioned above?
    • By Padre86
      Anyone here ever tried calling for black bear in the northern zone of NY (mostly referring to Tug Hill and the ADK's)?
      I've heard that in certain areas which have similar vegetation and terrain to NY (western Oregon and Washington) calling black bear is a tactic used by some hunters, as traditional spot-and-stalk hunts aren't really feasible and baiting and hounding aren't allowed.
      I was thinking of trying some calling this coming fall.  I'd be interested in talking to anyone else who has tried this method.
    • By NFA-ADK
      Large bear taken in Sterling forest.  I heard the DEC said he had to have it out the next day so the hunter gave it to the DEC, this is here say...  
      Not sure if the hunter wants to be identified so I cut his face out.  Supposedly just under 800lbs!!!  Waiting for more pics.  

    • By dbHunterNY
      FYI - There's legislation in NY A556 https://www.nysenate.gov/…/bil…/2017/a556/amendment/original that has passed increases the minimum fines, increases them even more for repeat offenders, and effectively takes away license for 5 years in 48 states.
      .....BUT Governor Andrew Cuomo has yet to sign it. If he doesn't by the end of this year it dies and does not become law. I know it's hunting season but spread the word! Even better let him know.
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