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    • By jimmyfromjersey
      I am selling a Ten Point Crossbow Blazer HP package.  Excellent bow, ready to shoot.  Comes with 3X scope, sling, ACUdraw, 4 bolts and 3 broadheads.    I live in NJ but hunt in the Catskills.   I will be traveling to Margaretville Friday morning and can bring the bow up the NYS Thruway thru Kingston and Route 28 West to Arkville if anyone is interested.   
      Priced to sell at 500.00     
      Text for pictures or feel free to call me and speak with me the old fashion way.   732-330-2004    Jimmy  
    • By DanD
      Starting to look at entering the field of crossbow hunting. I've done a little research, but I figured I would ask the masses for their opinion. I was looking at something middle of the road and a recurve for easy of maintenance. Crossbow will be primarily used out of a treestand as well. The Excalibur Grizzly has been on my radar. Anyone have any thoughts on this bow or something similar? Not looking to break the bank, and I'm not set on the recurve just seemed like an easy entry point for someone like myself.
    • By tonyc26
      Going upstate (from nyc) for Spring Gobbler this weekend
      I've never hunted for spring gobbler, nor in NY, we usually go to PA during deer season
      Just got all my tags and permits, and were going to be heading up to Dutchess County on Friday
      As of now we intended on going to the Taconic-Herford Multiple use area, also considering the Baxtertown Woods WMA and Taconic State park
      Are these good spots to hunt? 
      Does anyone know of any Public land out in / around Dutchess County with a healthy gobbler population ( not asking for your hotspot, just a vague location or park to go to that allows crossbow / bow hunting)
      Also any advice? I have a mouth call that I've actually (I think) gotten pretty good with (been practicing).. Wondering things like
      how far should we walk in from the road? 
      how long do you sit before moving on to a new spot?
      Do you walk around and call and then post up, or post then call.. I've heard of both not sure which is better!
      It's not too late in the season right?.. I hear New York Gobblers move up until late june
      Also what time is the best to go.. We intended on going at sundown. 
      Sorry if i sound un-experienced, I am, just got into hunting last year.
      Any Advice is Greatly appreciated.. Mostly need a good location to hunt, but any advice will be more then helpful!!
      Thanks in advance
    • By nyslowhand
      Wanted to put this topic in the crossbow thread, but guess it's more PC to be here. PC within a political thread, sort of a double negative..! LOL
      Feel bad for you Long Islanders he represented for years, but us crossbow enthusiasts are getting the last laugh. FYI - He was biggest legislative opponent to crossbows while the chair of the Enviro Cons sub-committee and chiefly responsible for its' current FUBAR status of implementation.
      Sadly, this is only one in a long line of (reportedly?) corrupt NYS legislators.
    • By Stealthe3
      When bow-hunting education became "mandatory" It was done so  for many reasons. According to the DEC  it was enacted, to promote ethical shots, to train hunters to blood trail, how an arrow actually harvests game and also to ensure the general public that "archers" were safe and ethical. It was NOT grandfathered to any archer, no matter how long they had hunted.
      Fast forward thirty years and now we can shoot deer with arrows with no regard to ethical shot placement, blood trailing etc. Does it bother anyone else that some sort of "archery education" class is not Mandatory to hunt with a crossbow? I work at a major sporting goods store where I sell both conventional compound, and crossbows as well. While I am NOT anti crossbow, I am ANTI hunting deer with an arrow, when no education on how an arrow harvests animals is mandatory. I must listen to story after story of 40 and 50 yard shots at deer facing the hunters, shots taken at the neck, shoulders etc. I feel it is tragic that the NYS legislation does not mandate a course on how an arrow harvests game, and blood trailing (at a minimum) for anyone who wishes to hunt with a crossbow. Do we no longer care about how archers are perceived by the general public, or has the abundance of deer in NY clouded our views on what an ethical hunter should be regardless of the type of "bow" that delivers the arrow?    
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