Smoked neck roast

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I'm looking to see if anyone has any suggestions for smoking a venison neck roast. I have a roast that I've had in a corning liquid for about 5 days and can't seem to locate a good guide for a successful smoking temp.  Everything I've read says to smoke around 185° but that seems low to me.  I'd be thrilled to hear your success stories or suggestions 



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neck you want to give it lots of time to break down and dissolve that connective tissue. 185 is good but uncovered with heavy smoke for a couple hours and then wrap it up for a while so it doesn't dry out at all. anything close to 200 will work. just need to give it time to breakdown. i then put it in the fridge to set up. when you pull it cold it'll separate easier from tough tissue easier. if you're okay with pulling it apart and not having a solid roast. i know someone that cooks amazing bbq chicken at 156 degrees. just need enough time and maintained moisture the lower you go.

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