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Weird food combos/ concoctions that you love


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Packed my lunch for far too long to ever buy bologna or pickle load again! Horseradish occasionally mixed in with tuna or slathered on a roast beef sandwich is my wild n crazy food fetish!

Sorry Grampy, but us old guys are boring, huh!?! :pleasantry:

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1 hour ago, First-light said:

Cheese and ketchup on a hamburger bun.

True story. Many years ago I went through McDonald’s drive through for daughter and ordered a cheeseburger with only ketchup. Well low and behold as She opened the wrapper. It’s the bun with only ketchup. No burger no cheese. Cmon man   We still laugh at it. 

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Oh hell yeah, garden fresh tomatoes or cucumbers sliced with real (Hellman's) mayo between sliced bread. Didn't come to mind or even think of it as weird food, but most anything out of the refrig in a sandwich; spaghetti, Spanish rice, baked beans, any left-over meat,  there's more just can't recall. One stipulation, bread has to be anything other than sliced white bread!!

Any of you have the OCD disorder where all food on a plate needs to be kept separated and can't touch other foods? Sorry if you have this fetish, but it is hilarious to watch someone doing it! This came to mind when I was thinking about garbage plates. A cruel joke for you folks with food separation anxiety. Word for the day, look it up - brumotactillophobia.

BTW wolc123, garbage plates are built basically with the same foods, with choice of meats & slight variations. What can make or break them is the meat/hot sauce put on top. Some places (my preference) use chicken wing sauce instead of or along with meat sauce. Not one of my favorite all-in-one foods, but do order a couple times a year when not worried about my arteries.

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When I was in grade school there was a girl that I went to school with who loved those type sandwiches, no one else ever heard of it before either, her name was jill, so we named it jillisauce.

Peanut butter and mayo sammich

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Peanut butter and honey on wheat bread. 
Grilled cheese sandwich dipped in ketchup. 
Green olives in my egg salad sandwich. 
Pretty mild compared to previous entry’s I think.......

I’m real close to that with a kicker of bacon on a hot dog bun.

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