Brought home a new pup!

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Couldn't resist this one from our good friend Wooly! I have known him for a very long time but never personally met him. It was a great pleasure to meet him and hang for a bit, talk about hunting and his wood creations! This is going to be a gift to my daughter for her 16th birthday loves dogs and has the real thing. I know she will love this! I put an order in for a large mouth bass! Can't wait to see what the Artist comes up with! Thanks again Matt see you soon! Burt


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That’s a winner, you’re daughter will love it I’m sure. 

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It was a pleasure to finally meet ya Burty-boy! I hope your daughter enjoys it as much as I enjoy making this stuff!

It's all about the smiles at this point my friend!

 I enjoyed chattin' with ya today and finally putting a face to the name. It's gotta be 20 years or so now that I've been talking with you on these forums so that was pretty cool! Enjoy the pooch, and take care till next time!

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What a great looking pooch! He'll stay in the family forever, and you'll never need to clean up behind him!! No doubt your daughter is going to love him. And nothing like having a wooly original! So cool you guys finally got to meet!

Taking a trip out to meet wooly, at the end of the month. Will be bringing a welcome bear home with us. But much more than that, is finally getting to meet the man, the legend himself! Been looking forward to shaking his hand and swapping a story or two for some time now.

May also get to meet another legend from here while out there! Mr. Lawdwaz!

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