Happy birthday BigVal !

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43 minutes ago, BigVal said:

Thanks wolc the fishing was great today. We fished rock island and caught 20 or 25 smallmouth,  the bassholes were all over and were killing them lol must be a tournament 

Thats cool, I am ready for some smallmouths, after a week of catching nothing but largemouths up there.   Hopefully they will cooperate next weekend on the Upper Niagara.  Last year, a neighbor kid convinced me to fish my first and only bass tournament there.  For that tournament, each two-man team could enter (3) largemouth and (3) smallmouth.  We struck out on the largemouth, but probably had the three largest bass overall with our smallmouths.   They only paid the top two places on overall weights, and we finished third, but at least the "big bass" money gave us our entry fee back.

   It felt strange being out there in a beat up, 30 year old, aluminum walleye boat, with all those new hot-rod bass boats.  When the starting gun went off, we could only watch them all disappear over the horizon as our old Johnson was struggling to get our boat on plane.    The funniest part was watching the kid walk up to the scale at the weigh-in with our three bass tails sticking out over the top of an old 5 gallon bucket.   All the Bassmasters had their's in fancy plastic bass bags.   

Congats, it sounds like you had an awesome birthday.

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Happy birthday!

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