Looking for a lease in WNY

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I am starting to look for a long term hunting lease in the WNY area, preferably the Western Finger Lakes region (from Waterloo west to Batavia). I have a couple of other guys that are interested in going in on it with me, so we are looking for something in the 250-400 acre realm. We are looking to be able to do food plots, etc and no house or cabin on the property is necessary. I will not need it right away, just starting my search now so that hopefully we can have it going next year. I will be very selective with what property we go with. If you have or know of something that is available, or will be, please let me know.

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Wife just came home from a vegetable stand, there was a sign , 75 acres hunting lease in Webster next to Webster park !!! First time ever put up for lease .

This area is jam packed with deer . I get three days of hunting ( my choice ) finders fee .

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Keep,looking my buddy got 60 acres in Macedon for a really good price. Odd shaped ,limited access, with a step slope on one side . So no use to builders or farmers , his lawyer ,my Nephew called it scrub land . Low balled the owners , who bought it with stars in their eyes, dreaming of building a home on it .

heres 7 acres in Victor , this area has some great deer, 10 K ,landlocked but ,you must have access through other land . I know this area and am thinking for that price I may just jump on it . Have to look into access, but normally you have a right a way . Me walking in from across the rr Tracks is no big deal either .

This is 25 minutes from my home in Webster, I’ve driven past it hundreds of times going to my land .


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