2019 HuntingNY Bow/Archery Harvest Thread

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I finally got to report a harvest after a two year archery drought. I hunted most of the day Saturday,saw one doe in the distance in the a.m. In the afternoon i got set up with my climber at a friends property 40yds into the woods from the corner of two ag fields,corn and soybeans. The woods were full of acorns and even some hickory trees and some beeches. After sitting until 5.30  without any deer activity I was seriously questioning the point of hunting. I had been hearing turkeys not terribly far of most of the afternoon. Finally i saw them in the soybeans,and then a deer as well.The turkeys worked their way back in the woods and i was hoping the deer would follow. Now i saw three of them..Then they all started running and i saw a decent buck chase them out of the field and into the woods away from me. I thought at least i saw some deer. I tried grunting but nobody showed up. The turkeys were still milling around 50 yds from me. When i watched them i saw a deer through the trees as well,or so i thought. I kept loosing track of it. Now it was close to sunset and i was about ready to climb down when this big doe cautiously came from deeper in the woods on the way to the field. She walked behind my tree,so i had to lean some around the right side of it to get a shot at 25 yds. I thought the hit looked good but didn't sound so good,pretty dull. The lighted nocks were great. The doe just ran off maybe 25 yds and stood there tail tucked.

My heart sank. After my horrid season last year where I lost two deer with the bow and one with the gun,more deer than in all my years combined,I was devastated. The doe was too far for another shot,so i watched her and tried to mentally mark her path. She did not want to move,maybe travelled 40 yds in 15 minutes. I climbed down as quietly as i could,which was awkward since i dropped my haul line earlier and had to carry the bow.I went to get my arrow to get information and backed out. Dark blood covered the arrow and no gut smell. That was a good sign.

I made it back to the truck and my buddy and he told me about a big black bear he had seen 30 yds from his stand. I told him about my situation. He was nice enough to agree to come back with me several hours later. We wanted to get the doe before the rain started,midnight in our area.

We got back to the hit site and looked for blood where i thought she stood but couldn't find any. Off to a bad start. Then we checked another area where she stood behind some fallen logs. There we found sparse blood and managed to pick up her trail. Blood was really spotty,and we came to the first bed soon. I had hoped to find her in her first bed,but no luck. We manged to follow the track,barely. We found a few more beds,then the blood trail got good and she was only 20 yds further. It seems she had been dead for several hrs.


All in all she only went a little over 100 yds from the hit site. Took us maybe 25 mins to find her,Chef was right.

We got her just as the rain started. I was super excited,I dont know if I could have stood loosing another deer. I was also very glad my friend came out with me,i would have been on edge for sure in the dark with a bloody carcass behind me and a Bear not too far off. Ones imagination tends to run a little alone in the woods at night.

I wasn't happy with the beginning of the hunt,but it ended well. It payed off watching the hunting public show on YouTube. Backing out and coming back later saved the day.


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Well I've passed this doe for 3 hunts but gf said she needed ground  meat so her she is.. 25 yard shot in my apple orchard, had to go back to get knife and golf cart to pull her out , only went 40 yards. 20191030_182405.thumb.jpg.a227da6281ebb8e308bcd1b7f781e207.jpg20191030_185125.thumb.jpg.b49e5cea97ac55dca8b8ba30fce53d24.jpg1st deer I had to gut with a flash light in almost 20 years.  At butcher more bacon and some cut to be made with gf order for ground...  vacation now for 4 weeks.. horn hunting and bear hunting next few weeks.

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I've hunted almost everyday of my life.. the rest have been wasted!

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Saw a couple bucks around 4 cruising, big ol doe and fawn came in at 5:55. Center punched her at 20 yards with a pass through, she jumped ran 30 yards, looked around and fell over. Freezer is awfully full now, gonna give the next one to a friend.


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Kind of a unique buck I named Blade because of the left main beam going straight up. Came in behind me and offered me a 20 yd shot. He ran about 20 yds and crashed within sight. Of course Blade got back at me when I cut my knuckle while dressing him. 3 spikes wandered through about 20 minutes after I shot him. Gotta love November.






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My first morning of a 20 day vacation, had a Spike and 6 come by, an hour later I hear grunts close by in the bedding area, I grunt back, nothing. About an hour later I hear a weird noise and a stick break in the same spot. I stand up and grab my bow just in case. Out comes the biggest buck we have on camera. He's at 35 so I adjust my sight and he turns and comes on the sidehill above me at 25 yds. No time to adjust the sight so I held low and put it behind the shoulder and I didn't dare to try to stop him So I shoot. It hits him a bit back, he runs 30 yds, stops, looking around, then panics and runs 50yds to the top of the hill and stands, wagging his tail fast. I slip out quiet and gave him 6 hours. We slipped back in and took up the trail before dark, pretty steady blood for about 75 yds then we see 2 bloody beds about 4' apart. While I glance up I see him 5 yds away but his head looks up. We watch him for a few seconds and I see his antlers move. I kneel down and put one in his lungs and he rolled onto his back and died. My best buck to date! 190# dressed. 11 points. While waiting for my buddy to meet me I had a 7pt cruise right by my truck without a care in the world! IMG950919.jpgIMG950921.jpgIMG_20190912_120600_01.jpg

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Took this doe Friday evening at about 17:55. She was in a group of six that milled  around for two hours around me. I was surprised no bucks were anywhere near in that time. Legal time was ending and took a ten yard chip shot. She piled up 40 yards away. My brother and dad were there to help me out and that was the best part.


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First legal buck to give me a shot was on my last day bowhunting for the year. Saw a few spikes and Doe but never in range He came through at 25 yards and stopped broadside. I heard the pop when the Rage hit, he ran off full tilt and I heard him crash. Went about 100 yards. Hoping for a big one in gun season.

I hit him a little lower than I aimed. My stand is about 23 feet high but the entry and exit wounds are the same level. Makes no sense. Not sure if anyone has experienced that. I will start a topic on it as I've been trying to understand it.


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I had a very exciting morning. Probably my best hunt in a very long time as far as quality and quantity. I had several opportunities and finally let an arrow fly. Early this morning I let a 9 walk by at 16 yards. Not long after, he decided to walk past all 4 of my cell cams on the property. After he left there were 3 different 8’s and another 9. Took some videos and let them walk. Giving a wide 8 a pass was a really tough call. I drew on him as he was about to walk under my stand. So I let down the bow and quickly grabbed my phone for a quick video. Looking back I probably shouldn’t have done that, but I knew there was bigger. At about 12, a buck came charging out of the bedding chasing a doe right under my stand. Just got a quick look and noticed some nice brows and kickers. Turns out he was the same buck I passed on early and he’s an 11.  Stopped him with a mouth bleat for an 8 yard quartering away shot. Hit him high and slightly back and it came out low right behind the shoulder. Clean pass through and he only went 40 yards. He stopped and looked around for about 2 seconds, and tipped right over. He’s not the biggest buck there, but I’m happy with him. I still have another buck tag so I’m planning on being back in there on Friday morning. E0C2C271-CFA8-4774-ACAC-AAEB4816EEC4.thumb.jpeg.a696a81293403bfdd1c0b6821bc28a89.jpegDA4A10B9-378A-4576-AD20-186913509FB4.thumb.jpeg.a543ca55ac818bc60d94900268ab28eb.jpeg7E79C02C-7145-438A-84A0-4CAEB43D99DE.thumb.jpeg.f7f574a061633abefc83466bbbbf7704.jpeg


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I got my 2nd doe. I made a shot worse than on my last doe and had to leave this one overnight. Luckily she didn't go far,it was at the edge of a pretty thick area where i shot her. She about crawled under this uprooted tree. I could just see a little brown patch on the hole. I am happy she didn't go far and the coyotes didn't get her,but i did.

She is a good size doe and will hopefully get along with the other one in the freezer. I am going to butcher her right now.



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Crazy Bow season lots of weird stuff happened and back pains kept me out of the woods a lot  but in the end a success...

10/14 7:45am Big Doe:



11/3 7:30am Yearling Doe: 1785DE8B-C409-4B8A-BE0A-4F0BC4BCB435.thumb.jpeg.2b8c5bff741e9ae652e6cfa0ecb7d418.jpeg


11/6 2:30pm 11pt:FB60EC88-98C8-4466-8B2A-E109679067C3.thumb.jpeg.df639da52402c33f01b38747089ce313.jpeg5B4B91F2-70CE-479B-B9F6-2265F0ED0684.thumb.jpeg.7225492586bfe933570ab64cc26a23e5.jpegC58F1987-1262-44C0-89D0-D55CD1EE57EB.thumb.jpeg.13d2b91843ed5b81418841920c13a5be.jpegCB179F62-7C06-4877-8F83-06E5023F2488.thumb.jpeg.20f504232a39f49a41ba7389f408b797.jpeg

He came right into my 2d doe decoy and antler Ice after I tickled the rattle bag and made an estrus bleat...5 yards but I regret the between the shoulder shot I took from above...never again

700 yard track over 2 days found him this am don’t think he died til last night all the meat is still perfect temps were awesome!

Lucky guy on all counts...

All my neighbors are awesome the shot was taken behind my parents and ran through every neighbor property in between and 2 more over, Awesome Rural Community!

My wife took rutcation fir me this week I Love Her!

Great harvests and nice bucks all (biz with the xbow!) have a great gun season!

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Something felt good about this morning with the fresh blanket of snow and my sister/her fam being in for an early thanksgiving.multiple sets of tracks 50 yards from the house and bumping 3 in the field on way in i thought for sure it would be a bust.have had this 7pt on cam many times and told myself im not passing anything this late in the bow season

7am rolls around and i hear crunching just to my left and sure enough i see him walking right in my direction,stood up and clipped release.at this point he's at 25 yards on the trail.puts his head behind a tree and i draw.expecting him to take a few steps more and he turned back around heading other direction.followed him then something was blocking my view through peep.not sure what it was but(leafy jacket maybe)moved my draw arm a bit,gave em a bleat and released.heard the thunk,ran 80 yards n stood there for a solid 5 mins then slowly walked off.waited until he was out of sight to check hit spot.

White hair/little blood/no arrow....great,another replay of last year's bow buck.called first neigh or to get permission.went back to house to wait for dad and bro inlaw to help track(2 1/2-3 hrs).started at hit site and worked to where i saw him standing.good patch of dark blood with bubbles!found a bed with 2 nice spots of blood in it.most of this track turned into following hoof tracks/blood on the golden rod and saplings every 40 or so yards.at this point had deer search pulled up on my phone....hit 2nd neighbors property line and backed out.

got back to the house and told my dad this isnt over yet,i wont give up.made a few phone calls and got permission.ate thanksgiving then went back out,just dad and i as brother inlaw passed out in recliner.marked last blood on huntstand app,50 yards from there with dad right behind me marking last blood there he layed.threw my hands up and said we got em!!!High fives,a hug and smiles.will definitely be one of my most memorable hunts with my dad by my side on the track for the first time.1 Lung and liver.i recall him saying atleast 3 times(wow,i cant believe how tough these animals are).now to get him on a deer during gun season!!

Just goes to show how tough they truly are.still baffles me on how the heck i had white hair when my shot wasnt that low

Sorry for the long story guys!!!!!!!




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