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FALL TURKEY- 2019 HARVEST THREAD. Post Those Pictures up.

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Tomorrow is the Big Day!!!  Post your pics up of your Turkey. Write a Short Story of how you took that Turkey. Post up the Sex,weight,etc. Just a pic of the Turkey would be ok. I know some are Timid about showing themselves on the Internet.  Not getting much Sleep Tonite!!!:tommy:

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Been having a flock of 18 birds show up the last 4 days in the soy beans. I could only hunt till 830 at the latest this morning. Flock showed up around 805, they stayed to the back of my field and fed their way to the edge of the woods. 1 by 1 they slipped into the woods. I had my eyes on a hen that was constantly keeping watch over the flock. She was a few steps from the tree line at the shot. Didnt take 1 more after it. I paced the distance twice, 70 yards and 65 yards. Ill call it 67 yards, crazy how good these guns shoot, mossy 835 shooting 3.5" winchesters.


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Got my first Turkey !!   Got into my ground blind around 6an.  It was a quiet morning  only some annoying birds chirping. My blind was set up on a strip of field.   around 9:30 I started to throw out gobbler Yelps with my box call. About 10 minutes later I hear movement from behind my blind,  I peeked out the back window and there were a half a dozen gobblers about 5 yards from my blind..  I carefully closed the windows facing the other direction and slowly open the windows facing the gobblers. At this point they had started to move away to about 10 to 15 yards, I couldn't believe it was about to go down I drew back my bow aimed steady l and let an arrow fly.   I actually just caught his neck and sliced his jugular he flopped about eight feet and was done within a minute.


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Congrats WNY!!

I have never taken a turkey but not for lack of trying, just not sure how. Season opens here nov 16. Goin behind a friends house that sees them often but neither of us are really sure how to get close enough. How do you roost them? Do they call in the fall? If you can roost them how/where to set up? Never had a mentor. Any help from the more experienced would be greatly appreciated.

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To roost...get in the area where you think they will be, and listen for the sound of wings right before sunset, or else if you can spot them in a field late in the afternoon, try & see which direction they are headed in. Yes, you can call them in, it's mostly hen yelps & kee-kees, not usually a lot of gobbling; but calling doesn't always work. Look for footprints in the dirt & mud, and FRESH scratching in the leaves, they are often close by. Best bet, IMO, is to figure out what they are eating, and try being there when they come to feed. I use a dog to find them, but that's not always a guarantee either. 

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