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Markie Boy

Photo Essay on This Year's Hunt Wanted

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I am looking for a photo essay on this year's deer hunting (or any other hunting, for that matter) for my blog, a blog that focuses on the nature, environment and life in the Eastern Woodlands. (I'd also take a short story or article on hunting, but nothing that smacks of marketing/advertising, etc.)

 Ideally, a single hunt from start to finish. Could be one day or, perhaps, a few days strung together in an extended hunt. You know, from getting your gear ready all the way through field gutting and then processing.

A photo essay is a series of photos on a single topic, could have text, but text not necessary. Ir you're going to try this, I'd suggest a simple storyboard or list of the parts of the hunt you want to photograph. Doing it off the cuff often results in an afterthought of, "Geez, I shoulda ..." because you left something out.

Photos need to be your own, need to be clear and need to show the task at hand; e.g., even if that's just putting your gear into your vehicle.

The general rules for my blog are: 1) I take no advertising. 2) I pay Typepad $14.95 a month for my blogsite. 3) Contributors keep the copyright of their work.

As it stands now, I have about 400 reader/day.

Contact me here: five-eight-five 7-four-9 seven-seven-3-6

Note: I am a shooter and belong to one of the local gun clubs where I live.

Thanks--Markie Boy

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