Grid Down-- Let's Hope Not!

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This is the most likely scenario for a coming SHTF situation.  Enemies of America have been investigating taking out the country's electrical grid for some time.  It's hard to defend and protect it and it would take a long time to rebuild it if it were all destroyed by something like a national EMP strike.  People like to think it won't happen, but it seems more likely it is inevitable.

He's wrong about gas stations and long lines.  No electric means the pumps don't work.  No gas will be available from gas stations from day 1 unless they have a backup generator, which few have.

He also doesn't understand that Martial Law would be implemented by the government.  People would lose all of their rights and be under the complete control of the military.  The government would start confiscating things it would need to maintain control, and it won't be paying you for it when it steals it from you.  The government would also be confiscating all firearms in order to control people as much as possible and get them to comply with it's nanny state directives.  It will be a "comply or die" scenario and it won't be a suggestion.  Smart people will avoid all contact with the military and other people as much as possible.  Being part of the crowd, or staying in an urban area, will be unsafe.  Best to get out of town and into the wilds as soon as possible.  Those will be the people who will be the last to be affected by a collapse.

Groups will form to survive.  You will not be accepted into the group if you cannot enhance the quality of the group's survival.  Food and water will be scarce and you won't get any if you don't earn it.  No slackers, parasites or dependent people will be of any use to a group trying to survive.  They will be liabilities that the group cannot afford.  You better have some skills they can use or you are gone.

You will have no friends, nobody can be trusted.  It will be every man for himself.  You better be prepared to defend yourself at the drop of a hat.

I once saw the most prophetic bumper sticker ever written.  It said, "Ammo, the currency of the 21st Century."

I think that will become truth.


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