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Strategy for deer hunting in January


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With the upcoming January deer season on LI and special parts of upstate, I was wondering what everyone’s strategies are. I’ve been hunting LI during the shotgun season the past couple years and have yet to have any success. In the past I have tried still hunting in areas where I am the only hunter in the woods. But I am starting to think trying areas like Rocky Point with tons of hunters in the woods kicking up deer I might get more chances. With all the rules and restrictions on LI during January (hunting standby after sunrise)I was just wondering what some of the guys who have been successful are trying and doing. Thanks and safe hunting!

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Only hunted January shotgun once unsuccessfully about 10-12 years ago. DEC tend to limit 2 hunters to the various spots if I recall. I hunted with a buddy and had him still hunt while I went to the far end of the property and tried to nudge deer towards him. He missed on a doe.

Now that the season is open on weekends, I hope to go out (standby) once in January, just to take the shotgun out for a change. Will probably still hunt, if I get out.

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