War Flags Raised Over Some Iran's Domes..

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I wonder what Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other Democrats said about limiting how much money President Obama released ( to Iran, a supporter of terrorism and has vowed to destroy America and Israel?

The Iranian leadership must think Obama and Hillary Clinton are still in office.  Obviously they have grossly underestimated President Trump’s resolve to strike back unlike Obama did in Benghazi, Libya.

From a military perspective, I think it is time to revive the mission of the US Army Green Berets during the Vietnam War who were “combat multipliers”.  We should be supporting a counter insurgency utilizing over half the population that are mistreated and murdered, the Iranian women and homosexuals.  They are probably more than half the population so they only need to shoot once!

Personally, from someone who has been in multiple wars, I say abandon Iraq and Afghanistan, and let them fight it out.  Those wars made allot of people rich who were associated with “Halliburton”, “Blackwater” and all the other “companies” connected to politicians.  Politicians who did not risk their sons or daughters, and many of themselves who were draft dodgers or did not serve.  How true General then President Eisenhower was when he warned against the power of the military-industrial complex (   

Hopefully the Iranian leadership will abandon their reckless Islamo fascist mindset.  Sadly I doubt it and they will crawl into a hole while their people suffer.

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