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Are you ready for the deer season and announcing the The Hunting NY 2011 Best Buck and Story Contest!


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The 2011 deer hunting season is upon us, and wow are we excited! in the Are you ready?

Check out the amazing trail camera pictures, there are some real monsters in New York: http://huntingny.com...amera-pictures/

Are you all set for the Bow Season? Chime in on a few of the posts in the Bow Hunting section here: http://huntingny.com...16-bow-hunting/

Check out the latest posts on the forums via this link: http://huntingny.com...arch_app=forums

If you have a smart phone (iphone, android, blackberry, etc) send us updates of your hunting from the hunt! http://huntingny.com...the-stand-2011/

The site has grown leaps and bounds since started, there are over 73,400 posts as of today! Please remember to tell friends and family about the site and contest, you can even forward them this email. Please let us know if you have any suggestions, comments or are interested in sponsoring the site either post a topic on the site, or using the contact form located here: http://huntingny.com...p?app=contactus

We have decided to have our second contest, The Hunting NY 2011 Best Buck and Story Contest!

To read the full contest post and to comment on the contest click here: http://huntingny.com...y-contest-info/

First Place (Grand Prize):

- A beautiful professional deer head mount by award winning Fins to Feathers Taxidermy. (see below for details)

- A HuntingNY.com embroidered lighted 3 LED mossy oak hunting hat (trying to get a few of these again, if not it will be a embroidered hat)

- A one year subscription to one of the following magazines: Field & Stream, Petersons Bowhunting Magazine, or North American Whitetail

- Proving Ground DVD - Donated by our partners over at Venatic Outdoors (the DVD is amazing, great job guys!)

- Two Free Rounds at Thrill Of The Hunt Indoor 3D Archery Range - Donated by our sponsors Thrill Of The Hunt

- One Thrill Of The Hunt embroidered hat - Donated by our sponsors Thrill Of The Hunt

To see the info, rules and rest of the prizes click here

And again, not to repeat myself, but I will. Please spread the word about HuntingNY.com to friends, family and hunting buddies. The more people we have the more interaction, fun, and knowledge we can all share about hunting in the state of New York. With that said, spread the word, get others involved in the sport, and have a safe and fun 2011 hunting season!

Click here to view the article

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