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Corona Virus Thread

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22 minutes ago, left field said:

Sorry, I just got back from yoga. In my urban camo. 

I’m no hunter? Period? I think It’s the period that hurts. 

I can guarantee you that I am a more accomplished angler than most. I’ve fished all over the world, taught flyfishing to newbies, help kids who’ve never been out of the city go to a stream and release fingerlings they raised from eggs, and sit on the board of the second largest TU chapter in the country. I can’t imagine a situation where I would say to a novice, “you are no angler” because they had a differing opinion on something unrelated. 

My posts reveal my real purpose? You’ve outed me ... this was my master plan.

Buy a wooded property six years ago. Spend untold thousands fixing it up and rehabbing the woods for wildlife. Decide that after 60 years I’d like to hunt. Research, ask questions, join a few forums, shoot with friends, buy a bow, shoot more, take a few lessons, sit in deer stands, stalk, buy a shotgun and ML, still more practice, plan for 2020 season. All with the secret purpose of infiltrating a hunting forum, garnering some goodwill and then launching a devious political attack intended to upend the whole thing by saying, “Man, Trump’s a buffoon” and “Cuomo is doing a good job here.” 

My master plan. 



Moving into right field might help your hunting a bit.     

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26 minutes ago, New York Hillbilly said:

This conference sounds like a guy saying his last words before he just tosses in the towel. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit! Take away is everyone down there is in panic, overwhelmed, run for the hills or other States, and I'm going home to my family to eat Sunday dinner. 


All I hear is " I'm Andrew Cuomo, and I approve this message".  

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1 minute ago, wolc123 said:

Moving into right field might help your hunting a bit.     

Right field or the right field. The latter I agree with. 

I throw, shoot, see and dress left. Thanks to my repressive schooling, I write with my right hand. Cast too which is weird, but I’m working to switch that over. 


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