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OK- Since both G- Man + stubborn1vt have clearly indicated that the BITTERNUT Hickory + the PIGNUT Hickory are the " exact same" Tree and, I clearly know this to be False-- this subject deserves its own Thread.                      Look-- both Trees are in the large Hickory Family  and for this Thread, I will focus on 2 Small Books that, I alternately take with me on my Year Long Hikes.  The 1st is -- TREES OF NEW YORK by Stan Tekiela + the 2nd is-- IMPORTANT TREES OF EASTERN FORESTS-- US Dept Of Agriculture- Forest Service.                               Now, I have a series of 4 pictures to upload that may take some time that very clearly show the description of both Trees and a Eastern US Map that clearly show where these 2 Different Trees Grow.                                                                          Very short summary of what you will read. BITTERNUT HICKORY- prefers ( rich moist sites such as Bottom lands. Nutmeat is very Bitter.     PIGNUT HICKORY- This Hickory inhabits Dry Ridges + Hillsides. Nutmeat is Sweet.  Also-- look at the map and note that the Pignut Hickory is heavily concentrated in Southren NY where, I live. The map showing the Bitternut Hickory in NY shows that Tree to be very much more common.                                                                        One of the reasons that, I have so many Fall Turkeys taken including some Fall Gobblers is the Fact that, I concentrate on areas where there are Pignut Hickory Groves on Hillsides. And since the Nutmeat is both Small + Sweet-the Turkeys absolutely " Chow Down" on them. The Turkeys definitely " do not" like Bitternut Hickory Nutmeat because they are Bitter.    OK- I am going to try and upload these 4 pictures. Even a 10 year old reading can clearly see these are 2 entirely different Trees of the same Family.                                                                           Now there will probably be a few ( Nays) coming up before, I can upload all the pics. Just come back later and see + read for yourself. 

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