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A visit to Gander Outdoors on tuesday.....

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On the way home afterwork Tuesday, I decided to stop at the newly opened (s/p Corona) Gander just to be in a store for the first time in 3 months. They were bulk stacking ammo on tables. A casual look seemed to have most rounds in some sort of selection but none in .45 acp which was the only thing I would have taken. No big deal, I have a supply at home but have a Gander gift certificate to burn. I usually  browse the used handguns, my only firearm interest in the store currently. They have a two day wait for appointments to look at can observe them from behind a ribbon, but to handle/ purchase, you need an appointment. Two guys inquired but they were declined and instructed how to sign open appointments until Thursday. There were several clerks behind the counter milling around killing time. I overheard one clerk tell a customer, everyone with appointments was buying firearms. I would be fascinated to know the background of gun ownership for these peeps....first time panic buyers (scary), media promoted excuse to buy a new "toy" to keep up with the Joneses? 

myself, I actively and frequently shoot multiple rifle/pistols and shotguns s in different actions , calibers and gauges. If I am worried about my families safety, sure, I have a choice of what to grab, but honestly...any one of them from my .22 Marlin model 39 to a 100 year old 20 gauge coach gun, Winchester 94 to Ruger 270, I would feel very confident of being able to ensure my families safety, and never have I ever allowed myself not to have at least a box or two of sighted in ammo for each weapon.

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The Gander here in Cicero is the big RV supercenter.  They have been "closed" for weeks.  Only offering RV related business, all other store departments are closed, and they are not offering curbside pickup, which the corporate website says Gander is doing.


Edit: I just called and they said they are open to foot traffic again.

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