Otto 2020 Trail Cam Pics

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Been a little lazy on retrieving cards, but this set will rejuvenate my desire to get more cameras out there!  I had this pic from 2019 and he was one deer I would have loved to see in person!  I know I went out several times, just with this deer in mind.  He looked old in 2019 and even with the damaged rack, I would have been happy to take him! 


Here is a pic I just downloaded this morning.  Looks like he made it to March anyways - hopefully he is on the mend and rebuilding for this fall!  



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Also had this pic from same camera which I thought was cool.  I think she is at least 3 and a half, maybe 4 feet off the ground.   I know they can jump higher, but it is cool to catch them on camera.  


I think her fawn was trying the same thing earlier.


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Cool pic. Looks like she's training for Santa's sled team! I hope that buck didn't hold onto them for too long or it might impede the new growth for this season.

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