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Old 20 gauge bolt action,,anyone know anything??

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I know this is a long shot but i just picked up a really old 20 gauge bolt action shotgun.It has no serial number on it no marking from a maker im not shure what it is..My one buddy said they didnt even put serial numbers on super old guns,and my uncle says they do i have to find it.Has anyone ever had,seen,or even heard about a gun like this!!I'm going to try and post a pic up!!

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Most commercial guns would have some kind of marking, especially a bolt action since most bolt action shotguns were relatively recent, at least compared to break open single barrels and double guns.

One possibility... After WWI and WWII, there were quite a few military mausers that were brought home as souveniers. Proper ammo was hard to come by at that time, so a significant number of them were rebarreled as shotguns. The ones I have seen were 12 gauge, but I see no reason why some of them could not have been rebarreled to 20 gauge..Such a gun might be relatively void of markings...

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If its that old to be honest i know nothing about the gun I could be wrong but the barrel fits size looks that of a 20 gauge,and the guy i got it from said it was a 20 gauge so thats what i went on.I just got it because all my guns are new and it looks pretty cool i wanted to restore it and bring her shine back!!Im going to do some looking around.

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Mossberg and Stevens made 20ga bolt action guns.....also 410's.(and marketed through Sears as J.C.Higgins also when Savage had them)

I have a 410 Mossberg NIB.....post pics of the action each side and from the top and that will help.

DONT "shine" it up until you know what you have.

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