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LIVE From The Woods 2020 - Let's hear stories and see some pictures!

The Jerkman

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11 minutes ago, Swamp_bucks said:

Well not the start I wanted.  Just had 1 lone gun shot go off within 200yards of me and theres no fields or ponds close enough for duck or goose hunters.   Couldn't tell if it came off stateland or the private.  I wonder what they could of been shooting at?

Had that exact same thing happen to me yesterday at 6:50 am

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Out early in 8j this morning with the xbow.  Haven't posted much this year, just haven't been out much with work and the kids covid school schedule.  When I can get out I haven't seen a thing which is odd for me to not even see a doe or two.  This morning I had two trash pandas all over me for about a half hour.  Do you know how loud they are in crunchy leaves, it's unreal.spacer.png

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I got into my blind quietly around 6:15.  I heard something moving in the thick cover to my east, then a few grunts, about 20 minutes ago. A doe stood up in there and snorted a few times and they both ran off, farther east.  Hopefully, he chases her back out into the open and I can get a look at his headgear.


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I am in a hedgerow blind, between two fields currently, on the edge near some thick cover.  The two deer I saw earlier were about 40 yards into that.  I don't expect to see much movement out in the open as it gets warmer.  I think I will stick it out here until around 9:00, then move to my deep woods stand.

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Close encounters of the big buck kind. A doe wanders by behind and downwind of me at ten yards. I’m thinking this is not good if there’s a buck following.... Oh, crap! I hear the grunt and then he pops out of the brush twenty yards away. Takes one big sniff, turns and runs fifty yards to a clearing where he snorts twice. Beautiful big ten. Very tall. I tried grunting him back and he was interested but after a couple of minutes he turned and walked away. 
Adrenaline pumping few minutes! The doe is hanging out in my small food plot eighty yards away. Here’s hoping the big boy tries to get back on her trail. 

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