Matt Dale's New Deer Video of 9/2020.

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    I tell ya- watching  Matt's Video here has kind of motivated me into giving the Rifle Deer Opener another shot this year.

Still looking for Buck #1 and Deer #1 for that matter. I will take any Small Buck, I see and be proud of it.

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   Well Guys-- this is the first year in many years that, I have done any Deer Research as , I will probably go out on the Rifle opener. I have a Rifle that, I shoot well with the Iron Peep sights.

     I see there is No Antler Restrictions in Zone 3M and that is my Hunting area. Happy about that!!!

       I am focusing on a Area where there is a " Woodcock Nightime Fly In Area". In fact, I might be here on October 1st for the Timberdoodles. Plenty of Wild Turkey here as well.

      Of course during last April's Turkey Scouting, I saw alot of Deer Sign.  That's good enough for me.

      I would be happy with a Spike for Deer#1.  There should be some Young Bucks left in this area as this is my Fav Woodcock Hunting area and, I will be moving the Deer around for sure from October 1st to Nov 14th.      

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10 hours ago, cdbing said:

Good luck!

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Thanks.    I passed on a opportunity and rightly so in 2016 or 17.  I walked in on the Rifle opener and was set up under a Conifer at 1 1/2 hours before Sunrise.

    About 30 minutes later, I was watching a good 3 Flashlights getting nearer in the Distance. A few minutes later a Huge Deer walked in front of me at 12 Feet or so. 

    Now it was still 1 hour+ before Sunrise and, I could barely see a Big Rack and the Neck is what stood out. The Neck had to be 22"+ !   The only thing , I could compare that Neck to was Wrestler Kurt Angle.

     Legal time was still 1 Hour away...  Such an easy shot too. 

    I let that Buck walk. I guarantee alot of Deer Hunters would have shot.

    I have always hunted by the book.  

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Watched the above video several times.    I like Matt Dale's videos better then the Hunting Public Small Group of Guys.

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