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2020-2021 HuntingNY Predator Kills Thread

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Post up pics of your 2020-2021 Predator kills here!

Only pictures with the associated story will be allowed in this thread. If you want to congratulate someone, please do it by clicking on the "like this" button for the post. There will be no exceptions.

Feel free to start a new thread if you wish to have comments in addition to posting the photo / story here.

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Finally got out for our first sets of the year over Holiday Break. Our new tradition as of 2019 is to Predator hunt all night on Christmas Night. Well The wind was brutal so we hit a couple spots out of the wind and called in a dog, and let my brother and 15yr old son take the shots, and they missed. Hate it when that happens. Was a quiet night, no vocals were heard. I run the caller and shotgun when there is 3 of us or more and let everyone else run the rifles. I just like watching everyone else having fun lol. If its just 2 of us I will get behind the rifle. 3 sets and done, weather sucked..


MAde a plan where we were going to hunt hard as conditions were quiet and calm and the skies were dark..  My son, my brother, My good friend and I..

The night was stupid slow, very quiet, the walking sucked, it was so dang loud with thin covering of ice but we were still having fun.. I could hear deer walking through the snow at 300 yards..  After 5 sets and chasing around lost and forgotten items lol, we Decided our last set would be just after midnight on a piece of ground that has plenty of dogs.. Got nestled in and let out some vocals, instantly had a group answer back.. Tried them but they just didnt wanna play, Or they did and got our wind just out of our sight since they were already slightly in that direction as the wind was swirling.. but we tried it carefully.. At the 35minute mark we decided we had enough, and for only the second time that night I tried a prey distress, just as the sound was finishing up my buddy scanned back near the rd with his thermal and lucky us.. detection! coming in quick.. told my brother and my boy whom were safe to get on the coyote to get ready quick.. The call shut off, and i quickly fired up another prey distress but very low in volume and This female snuck her way in behind an island to about 30 yards from the call and about 120 yards then .. I told the 2 of them, when she stops ill count to 3 and they can double tap her... The count to 3 came and they both shot near simultaneously followed by a 3rd from my buddy as the Yote was doing her death spin.. she's down quick.. Nice 35# Female


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Finally made it out of the political thread and into the woods to hunt coyote.

Got this one with the newest XG50 Thermion on the Savage Impulse predator.

Hiked around awhile and saw nothing, but on the way back, I spotted a pair around a pond next to where I parked the van.

That faint vertical line in the video, is the vans antenna.

Lucky I didn't shoot it.

I also hit the tripod leg with my boot as I took the shot, lost but found my call during another stalk and had 6 other small coyote go right past me, while I was searching for the call, as my rifle was resting in the tripod 50 yards away.




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Got a medium sized female yote Sunday, just after sundown.

It was snowing/hailing and the cover was thick.

By far the worst hunting conditions I've hunted in this year.

The Thermion XG50 and FP X24 call both get a thumbs up.

The coyote have been harassed by deer hunters and were sticking to heavy cover, even at night.

I managed to call two or three in and connected with one of them.

Saw some targets in the far background after the shot, but couldn't tell what they were, so I didn't pull the trigger.






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