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10 hours ago, BowmanMike said:

I have a tracking book written by a master tracker, I gotta look up the first name but his last name is Brown. Some of the stuff seems kind of out there but he was a serious tracker that the cops used for some manhunts in the woods. I should get the book out again and re- read it. He talks about the ultimate stalking test in which you try to touch a deer. I can't even imagine that,but dont think it is impossible. Just because i cant do it doesn't mean it can't be done.

If you look up master tracker and ... Brown you should find the title. He learned from an old Indian fellow that used to play tricks on him and his buddy. The book describes tracking practices very well too.

Really, that sounds really cool.  I'm gonna try to Google it ; is it an old book or comtemporary??  Sounds like a great resource

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