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We will again have the Habitat Seed Program that makes seed available to our members at an affordable cost and planted as a benefit to wildlife. It’s a great deal for plots and can be planted or broadcast. This is typically  only for members in the following counties, Monroe, Livingston, Orleans, Genesee, Wyoming. Other counties should reach out to a more local branch. The contacts for other branches can be found at https://www.qdma.com/new-york/ 

Glyphosate Resistant Soybeans are available for this program. The seed will be one-year old seed that will germinate fine for food plots.  The retail cost of this seed is between $80-$100 a bag. It should plant about a half-acre per bag or could be stretched with the addition of other species.  The cost of each bag of soybeans is $20 per bag. We've gone a a different supplier and trucking arrangements to avoid the issues COVID caused at the border last year. This caused an increase in the price but it's still a great bargain. 

The branch has agreed to take 200 bags and with my initial email to members, there are less that 80 bags unaccounted for.  Pick up will be in the Rochester NY area on a Saturday to be determined once delivery is firmed up. There will only be one pick up window. 

Payment is cash or check at the pick up day. Please do not reserve beans if you can't make arrangements to get them. I can't order more. 

I know  CENTRAL NEW YORK BRANCH (Syracuse), TWIN TIERS BRANCH (Horseheads) and NORTHERN FINGER LAKES BRANCH (Lyons) will have beans as well. See the link above for contacts in those areas. I would expect the Eastern NY branches will as well but I am not certain. 

Make sure you have a membership and PM me. 


Restrictions are the same as previous years. 

MUST have an active NDA membership

This seed can NOT be sold, used for business purposes or harvested; it must be left for wildlife.  A form will to be signed by each purchaser stating this intent.

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