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Shout out to Enigma


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This is a forum shout out and thank you to @Enigma who I met this morning.  He saw one of my threads about the general shortage of trap shooting ammo, and he PM’d me that he had a lot of it and was willing to help meet my needs.  A few months ago he even offered to go to his local Bass Pro to see if there was a Cabelas Wooltimate Pullover in my size available.     He got 3 jars of homemade tomato purée, a bottle of homemade wine, and our family meatball and sauce recipe for his good deeds! 

Great guy and it was a pleasure to meet you!  Hopefully there will be a CNY GTG soon! 

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Thank you @Otto. The pleasure was mine.

Reaching out and offering a positive bump to genuine people is easy when you know they'd do the same. Your generosity in return proves my point. Quite a few folks on here do it all the time I'm sure. Pay it forward and "do unto others", especially in today's times. Put your positive thoughts into action. Not much more complicated than that imho.

So . . . can we just stop right now with the impinging of my online character? I work hard at maintaining the "no nonsense grumpy father" persona and some of you are just killing my groove lol. We can set up a virtual group hug for later today if some of you need it but I'd rather shift the discussion to killing turkeys and a CNY GTG haha. I hereby nominate Tony as official planner and activities director. All in agreement say "aye".

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