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So what did you spend on a deer mount this past season?

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I paid 600 two years ago for mine. The place I went to for my first two mounts charged 495, but they increased it to 550 and their skill didn't match the price so I decided to pay extra for a much better mount. If I ever get another deer over 130, ill get a pedestal mount done

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It is very coincidental that this thread popped up today. I'm in the position right now where I'm about to make a major life decision. I have been tossing around the idea of quitting my dead end day j

I paid $550 to @WNY Bowhunter for my first ever mount this season.  Best money I've ever spent!    Good luck if you decide to pursue it full time.  You definitely have a gift for it, and unf

It costs me around $250 in supplies...lol. For everyone else, my taxidermist charged $550 for a standard shoulder mount and $600 for a basic wall pedestal last season. This year's prices are TBD.

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16 hours ago, phade said:

Best make sure you follow the CWD rules and interstate transport. We see alot (relatively speaking) of checks along the 90 corridor and offshoots during November. Interestingly we saw a few instances of the DEC doing ridealongs with the troopers on 90 in NY. PA had "pull over" check ins.

No brain matter....


16 hours ago, WNY Bowhunter said:

Your OH and KY deer will have to be caped in the state they are killed in with skull plates removed on site.

Already planning on packing everything in the truck to take care of caping, skull plates, measurements, and bringing back any meat on ice if need be. likely just get meat processed there.  logistics suck to have it mounted there. i can do everything but i have someone else to remove the cape who's done it a lot before. tear ducts and all kinds of stuff I can screw up otherwise. 

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15 hours ago, WNY Bowhunter said:

Luckily for you your partner in crime is an eagle scout and he says he's really good at sharpening knives! Lol

I prefer to do all of my caping with a regular old xacto knife.

the person who would be capping my heads that's with me is my cousin. that's what he said to use and after him walking me through a couple it makes sense. he changes blades more than I felt was probably necessary but it seemed to work well and he does it. I've only done a few with assistance.

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